Elisa Burger

cooking time: 10 minutes

  1. Using a barbecue grill or pan on medium-high heat, cook the burger patties on both sides for approximately 3 minutes per side or until nicely browned/grill marked.
  2. Place a slice of Comté cheese on the patty until melted.
  3. Slice the burger bun in half and grill the cut sides over the open fire or toast under a broiler until golden brown
  4. Spread 1tbsp of the tomato jam on the base of the burger and top with the patty.
  5. Cover the cheese with the three slices of zucchini.
  6. Spread 1tbsp of caramelized onion onto the patty.
  7. Add the bibb of lettuce.
  8. Spread 1tbsp of smoked aioli on the top of the burger bun, then invert to cover the bibb lettuce.